About Us

Over three decades of asphalt expertise

Chemist Robert L. Dunning founded Petroleum Sciences, Inc. in 1974, with the purpose of serving the petroleum, rubber and asphalt industries with technical support and research.

Then a resident of Southern California, Bob had worked for Shell Chemical Corp. and Douglas Oil Co., where he conducted research on rubbers, plastics and asphalt products.

Two years later, he moved the company to Spokane, Wash., and focused his efforts more narrowly on the asphalt industry. By the mid-1980s, Petroleum Sciences was fully equipped to perform hot-mix asphalt design, asphalt-cement and emulsion testing and formulation.

Today, Petroleum Sciences serves all segments of the asphalt industry, including engineering firms, contractors, public works agencies and suppliers.


bobRobert L. Dunning (resume)
President and Technical Director

Bob earned his Masters Degree in Chemistry from Oregon State University and has taken advanced coursework in Mathematics at California State College, Long Beach, Calif. He has:

  • been active in the asphalt industry for more than 40 years
  • published several technical papers
  • served as Director-at-Large for the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists
    served on the ASTM D4 committee

Bob oversees the technical operations of Petroleum Sciences, Inc. and provides scientific consulting and expert-witness services.

jan_smilingJan Johnson
Laboratory Manager

Jan is NICET-certified in asphalt. She has managed the Petroleum Science asphalt-cement and emulsion lab for more than 20 years. She:

  • specializes in all basic ASTM specification tests for asphalt-cement, emulsion and cutback
  • manages the work of daily work of quality-control clients
  • manages outsource clients
  • performs Slurry Seal mix designs
  • Performs micro-surfacing nix designs
  • runs our pilot emulsion mill for formulation work
International asphalt specialists since 1974.