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Quality Control & Assurance Testing

handPetroleum Sciences has been testing asphalt for over 30 years. We are fully equipped and our expertise includes:

  • Asphalt emulsions
  • Cutbacks
  • Asphalt cements
  • Hot mixed asphalt paving materials
  • Cold mixed asphalt paving materials
  • Asphalt rubber (containing ground tire rubber)

We have extensive experience with surface treatments and hot-mix evaluations, including over 30 years’ experience in volumetric analysis of hot-mix asphalt.

We are currently able to offer our clients in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona and California 24- to 72-hour QC testing turn-around (from the time samples are received) for summer maintenance programs.

Mix Design

jan-editPetroleum Sciences has built a strong portfolio of mix design services:

  • Slurry seal
    – slurry seal design
    – microsurfacing
  • Chip Seal Design
  • Marshall Mix Design
  • Hveem Mix Design
  • Superpave Mix Design
  • Cold and Hot Applications using Ground Tire Rubber as a Seal or as a Paving Material

We run Hveem designs on a California Kneading Compactor, which is also calibrated to perform R-Values to Washington and Idaho specs.

Research & Development

Petroleum Sciences has been involved with a variety of research and development projects:

  • Mr. Dunning presented a paper on the first use of 100% recycled asphalt (RAP) in pavements.
  • In our laboratory, we have:
    – researched the use of ground rubber in asphalt
    – developed a slurry seal based product to cover uranium tailing piles to stop radon from permeating into the air
    – developed both anionic and cationic emulsions of asphalt-sulfur blends
    – and many other useful products and procedures.


The field is complex and evolving; falling behind the curve can be costly. Our founder Bob Dunning is a knowledgeable and engaging seminar leader. He’ll help your staff stay ahead of the game.


Due to the breadth and depth of his experience, Bob is often called upon to serve as an expert witness. He is

  • An experienced chemist with a deep understanding of asphalt and related issues
    Knowledgeable regarding courtroom procedures
  • A predictable and dependable witness

The majority of cases in which Mr. Dunning is involved are settled before going to trial.

Problem Solving

Three decades of experience and a roster of satisfied clients attest to our ability to help you resolve those stubborn problems. No challenge is too great or too small. And Petroleum Sciences is as close as your phone.

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